m0d_s0beit_sa v4.0.3.0

m0d_s0beit_sa v4.0.3.0
for SA:MP v0.2.X.U1_2 & U:MP vT3

s0beit, Wang, Trix, Static, cBonky, REALfreaky, v0gelz, CrazyT,
nuckfuts, wax, cereal, jac0b, playa', North, caytchen, DeN00b,
jflm, Offroader23, Kosty@n, gaffkanone, Racer_S...
everyone at gamedeception.net
everyone at GTAForums.com
everyone at Multi Theft Auto
and everyone helping with moral support & hosting

1. Install GTA San Andreas.
2. Download & Install SA:MP v0.2.X.U1_2 &/or U:MP vT3
3. Download & Install m0d_s0beit
4. Run SA:MP or U:MP, Join a Game
5. Use F11 to bring up menu, Arrow Keys and Enter to navigate and enable/disable, + and - for increase/decrease
6. (Partially Optional) Configure the m0d_s0beit_sa.ini file in your GTA SA root directory, to customize keys and defaults, and just learn more about the capabilities of the hack.

Download M0d S0beit samp hackv4.0.3.0